Welcome, come in and
sit a spell...


(Below are a few Custom-made ArtCards/Gifts where recipients all said,

"WOW, Now that's a card-Love it-I feel so special!")

You supply recipient's info and your personalized ArtCard/Gift will be born.

DJ Pusha Business Cards
(Only THE best DJ around; aren't these BC's like, totally cooler than normal; and their magnets, too!)


"The Bertucci" 
(need I say more)

Introducing "Serenity"

Yep, I crafted the Son to sit at the piano; Happy Birthday, Mom
(he was totally surprised)

A mixed media "shadow box" frame for an owl lover


A mixed media plaque
From a Son to his Mother. I created a mini 'money' plant to mimic life-sized money plant created as part of gift. I created the poem for him too. 

Birthday for an exceptional Hubby (mine) 
(Pull open 'box' and shake - I start to 'dance'. Pull up 'roses' to reveal greetings.
I crack myself up!)

Closet for a bestie's birthday. Barbie-sized. Ooh, look at all
of the accessories, and a pet on a mat - what fun!

22nd Birthday for a Fashion Diva Sister
(Inspired by Alexander McQueen's 'Alien Shoe.'  Mssgs. on each insert; easel back)

Birthday for a Friend
(A House in a Box; 4 rooms filled with surprises!)

(mmm...who's that in the picture frame below?)

3d Shadow Boxes; Victorian era in Paris; set of 4
(I also took the liberty of creating a "Parisian" story to go with
these depictions ... mmm I feel a novel coming on.)
(Notice anything after looking at all four? I'm not  telling.)

(You're so smart!)

An ArtCard from a Sister to her Sister who is a librarian.
(ArtCard made to look like a book, depicting 1st and upcoming book on a special series.)

50th Birthday for an architect.
(What better than his very own house? Roof flips up w/sky lights, and the two panels act as front and back 'walls' that flip out to form house!)

25th Silver Anniversary for an Aunt & Uncle.

Father's Day to a Jazzy Dad. He was elated to have received something so personal from his daughter.
(Multiple record inserts with personalized messages.)

It's a Girl ...
(onesies and snuggies and nurseries, oh my!)

Wedding incorporating their wedding colors.
(pull tab to view flip book of photos and messages; easel back)

Wedding Congratulations
(the pew area gives the groom some "advice")

But wait, there's more!
 Floral arrangement
 requested for
home decor.

(Why overspend when we can customize and create it for you?)

Orange silk and dried floral arrangement.
A few surprises added here too. 

(Additional request for living room, client is overjoyed with our work!)

At kraftyiam, because we create unique and tailored creations, you'll be giving your recipient's a priceless gift ... one that says,
"I love you"
"I care about you"
I'm thinking of you"  
A little thoughtfulness goes a long way!

Thank you for your business and continued support!

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